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oh shit
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Undead since 2010.


I'm not sure how I feel about Murder by Death being in a goddamn Destiny video.


As long as there is whiskey in the world.



File: 1528783034257.jpg (227.39 KB, 1240x1754, 0e4e6631c253a1497706bfe19e….jpg)

Maybe if you're a communist.

Mezcal is better.


File: 1528783810451.jpg (284.05 KB, 1600x1100, b7bf8dd161ed1f837ea948f957….jpg)

That sounds like a terrible idea.

The only alcoholic thing I've drank today has been Stone IPA, granted it was the whole six pack but, y'know, baby steps. I've drank like two whole bottles of kefir, too.



I just realized those two bottles equate to 104g of fat but it's worth it.




What did you manage to eat/drink today then?


Is it canned/bottled green tea like you used to?




I joke. I'm sure you've graduated to Brisk Tea.

On a serious note, anything Republic of Tea makes is decent enough without being too hard to find or obnoxiously pretentious.




Shitposts must be purged.

Brisk is kinda crappy. I always feel sick after I drink it, and it makes my mugs look weird.


File: 1528801568652.jpg (71.18 KB, 493x750, tumblr_p8mjnebdvo1tgkg4yo1….jpg)

Homemade fruity, white iced teas make for the best iced teas anyway.


Yeah, hers are all I end up drinking. Pretty rad.


This place is nothing but shitposts.

All pre-prepared teas taste off to me. I really only drink matcha, Earl Grey, or hibiscus tisanes anymore.


That's a rude thing to say. These are quality shitposts unavailable anywhere else. Mostly.
Drink more asbestos-free water.


This place has the same levels of quality as L85.

Asbestos makes everything tastier.


I put effort into maintaining this mess.


Do you just keep moving the tape higher on the wall to survive larger volumes of orange juice?


We upgraded to Flex Tape and around $8 of Amazon Basics cabling.


It's like you want this place to be Puerto Rico against an orange juice hurricane.


But the adhesive power of Flex Tape is so strong, it even works underwater. Do I have to saw a fucking boat in half?


But will the board work under water and/or orange juice?


Low budget watercooling has never posed a risk to any equipment involved. Low budget traditional cooling? That's a lotta damage.


This feels like dropping a toaster in the bathtub.

Is this a cry for help?


That was a joke.


Most comedians are terribly depressed. So it might not have been!


It's easiest to just think of yourself as a functioning alcoholic and terrible person.

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